It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once. —

Midnight thoughts (sometimes I’m a mess)

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Typical AOS

Writers: Funny Coulson line.
Writers: Funny Coulson line.
Writers: Funny Coulson line.
Writers: Funny Coulson line.
Writers: Oh yeah, and Simmons wearing a Hydra jacket.
Nothing can erase this night
but there’s still light with you. —Osip Mandelstam, from “Black Sun,” trans. Clarence Brown and W. S. Merwin, Selected Poems (Atheneum, 1974)

"For the record I advised against trusting you here.
        Prove me wrong.”



if u are scared or worried or stressed please just remember that even if you mess up super badly, doggies on the street will still tug on their owners when u walk by because they wanna say hello to u so badly

This is legitimately comforting.


Na Pali Coast aerial - Kauai, Hawaii | by: { Royce Bair }
For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you. —Neil deGrasse Tyson (via laughing-treees)
Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided. —Paracelsus (via laughing-treees)
to love life, to love it even
when you have no stomach for it
and everything you’ve held dear
crumbles like burnt paper in your hands,
your throat filled with the silt of it.
When grief sits with you, its tropical heat
thickening the air, heavy as water
more fit for gills than lungs;
when grief weights you like your own flesh
only more of it, an obesity of grief,
you think, How can a body withstand this?
Then you hold life like a face
between your palms, a plain face,
no charming smile, no violet eyes,
and you say, yes, I will take you
I will love you, again. —Ellen Bass, "The Thing Is" (via commovente)


this is so cuteeeeeeee

"I know it’s a risk. If we went down today, we probably went down for good. But now we have a chance to survive."